Coastal Targeted Facials—50min | $95


Reveal your most youthful skin yet with this age-defying treatment. A light exfoliation renews the skin, followed by a full session of our muscle-stimulating technology to visibly lift the brow, cheek and jawline and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Skin gets a hyaluronic acid and vitamin-enriched oxygen blast to hydrate, plump and condition the skin. Finishing with red LED therapy to boost elasticity, collagen production, and product absorption. A must for achieving smooth, supple, ageless skin.

Mircrocurrent is the only treatment on the market that can work out the major muscles of your face—the more you work out your face, the firmer and tighter your skin will appear. A series of 6-10 to start is recommended. A fabulous stand alone treatment before an event.

Skin type: Mature, anti-aging-prevention, corrective care

Concerns: Elasticity, wrinkles, dullness, dehydration

NEW Sculplla FILLER Facial - This treatment drives an ingredient called Poly L Lactic Acid (same thing you find in the filler Sculptra at the Dermatologist) as well as a blend of anti-aging favorites like caffeine and niacinamide into the top layer of your skin to plump wrinkles. A Hollywood favorite. No downtime, except avoiding water and sweat for 12 hours, and the results are cumulative, one treatment can last up to 6 weeks and a series of three treatments done a week apart can last up to five months. An amazing treatment that can visibly soften lines and wrinkles.

Entire Face 

50 min | $95

Eyes or Smile lines

30 min | $60

Skin types: Mature, anti-aging, corrective care

Concerns: Wrinkles,lines, volume loss


Rejuvenate and brighten dull and dehydrated skin. Beginning with a double exfoliation followed by Microneedling to retexturize and brighten skin. Vitamins and oxygen therapy are applied along with LED therapy to stimulate collagen. Skin will feel smooth, radiant and revitalized.

Skin type: All skin types except sensitive or acne-prone

Concerns: Dryness, dullness, dehydration, uneven texture, hyper-pigmentation


Gentle for sensitive skin or rosacea affected skin. This treatment includes a highly moisturizing deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation and light extractions that help to reveal a smoother, clearer complexion. Oxygen therapy combined with nourishing vitamins hydrate the skin. Finished with a customized mask and circulation stimulating LED light therapy leave your skin calm, soothed and radiant.

Skin type: Sensitive, hyper-reactive, and/or hormonal skin

Concerns: Rosacea, redness, irritation, dehydration


Helps rid breakouts and keep them away! This facial includes a purifying cleanse, exfoliation, and extractions, Then, we utilize high frequency and blue light LED therapy to kill acne causing bacteria while accelerating healing and reducing inflammation. A final infusion of vitamin packed oxygen leaves the skin purified, calm and clearer.

Skin type: Oily, acne-prone, congested

Concerns: Acne/blemishes, heavy congestion, excessive oiliness, redness and irritation


PCA Skin® ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL PEELS - This scientifically proven approach to chemical peels will minimize appearance of pores, tighten & firm the skin and brighten the complexion. An immediate improvement in texture will occur. Skin will feel smooth and your complexion will take on a healthy, youthful glow. Progressive rather than aggressive. Prior to the peel, skin will be given a Microcurrent treatment to firm, tone and stimulate collagen production.

50 min | 1 layer $99; 2 layers $125; 3 layers $145; 4 layers $165.

Add 4% Pure Retinol Peel $40.

Peel Frequency RX (series of 3 or 6)

  • Acne - every 2 weeks

  • Hyper pigmentation & Anti Aging - every 3 weeks

  • Rosacea & Maintenance - once per month

Body Peels

Hands | $45-75

Décolleté | $75-105

Back | $99-165


Brow Shaping $25-35

Brow Clean up $20

Lip/Chin/Nose $12

Full Face (without brows) $40


Beauty at its best

Transformational Skin Care | Lasting Results | Pure Ingredients

Welcome to the world of unparalleled skin care!  

Coastal Beauty offers each client a comprehensive skincare consultation, and customized treatment and home-care protocol for longer lasting results. Our treatments are transformative, utilizing advanced skincare technologies and offering a relaxing spa like experience.

Our facials utilize a variety of machines and products that are often expensive add-ons are other places. Every facial at Coastal Beauty includes a customized professional double exfoliation (examples include: microdermabrasion, enzymes, light chemical peels) and modalities (such as; ultrasound technology, mircrocurrent) and finishes with full oxygen, peptides, antioxidants and SPF.

We are committed to providing the best products and results oriented facials in Kansas.

One of our leading brand of products out of California, is a company called, Dermaquest.  They strive to be nothing less than visionary. Since 1999, they have been leaders in advanced skincare technology, formulating products with the latest and most luxurious ingredients. Today, their chemists alone are at the very helm of innovation, unearthing the peerless benefits of plant stem cell technology.  

Dermaquest’s current portfolio targets the most demanding of skin care conditions and consists of professional peel treatments and homecare products that offer comprehensive solutions to skin concerns.  Paraben and cruelty free.

PCA Skin is another brand we utilize and love. They are a leader in chemical peels with more than 25 years as innovators in the industry.  Formulations for all skin types.  PCA was the first company to develop and offer the modified Jessner's peel-which provides safer application and increased skin benefits.  PCA's peel philosophy is "progressive not aggressive".   


COASTAL MAINTENANCE FACIALS—Perfect rapid radiance. 35min | $69


 Hollywood's "Lunchtime Face Lift". Tiny micro current impulses mimic your body’s own natural electrical currents to stimulate the production of collagen and visibly tone & tighten the skin. A series with maintenance can produce dramatic results. The preferred anti-aging treatment of many celebrities. Facial includes exfoliating cleanse, plant stem cells and anti-aging/firming peptides and huge amounts of hyaluronic acid.  Get ready for a big event or night out with this instantly firming, glow enhancing facial!

Spa Signature Facial - Deep cleansing, tailored exfoliation, extractions (if necessary), hydrating serums, peptides, stem cells and masks used to treat face, eyes, lips, neck and decollete. Scalp, shoulders, arms and hands massaged. Whether it is anti-aging, deep pore cleansing, or calming sensitivities, this treatment will leave your skin revitalized and glowing.

60 min | $89

Spa Signature Luxe Facial - This facial puts the SPA Signature Facial  over the top. This upgrade includes an enhanced, luxurious anti-aging eye treatment and a hydrating & brightening hand peel.  

75 min | $110

Ultrasound Facial - Sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin promoting cellular renewal & repair, combating puffiness, improving acne and increasing skin care product penetration.

Teen Facial - A customized facial to determine recommended protocol, proper cleaning and extractions (for clients 18 years and younger).

45-60 min | $75

Teen Peel - Prescribed after having at least one Teen Facial. A series of 30 minute peels may be prescribed. Typically a series of 3-6 peels, two weeks apart for acne treatment.    

30 min | $75 (special pricing) 


An intensive procedure to remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen. Treat hands, Decollete, back to reveal younger and healthier-looking skin. Results are seen immediately.

Hands | $40

Décolleté | $69

Back | $125