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Rachel Robbins owned a premiere Skin and Lash Studio in Orange County, CA for over 12 years. Now, she's brings the safest and most advanced lash techniques to Kansas!

Lash extensions are an art form, where each set is completely customized to compliment the shape and beauty of your eyes. An experienced Lash Artist is essential to get the very best outcome.  

The eyelash industry is constantly progressing and developing which is why at Coastal Beauty, Rachel Robbins strives to offer the most innovative and safest products to her clients. 

NOVALASH- Voted #1more than any Lash Extensions Co. in the world! Backed by extensive scientific research, only the safest and highest quality lashes & adhesive are used.  Award winning Novalash Adhesive is U.S. medical grade, has been trusted by the professionals for over 13 years and has earned numerous awards for safety and quality. 

Novalash extensions are immediately: 

  • Waterproof

  • Sweat-proof

  • Oil-proof!

Innovation!.  The latest creations in the industry are Eclipse/Flat Lashes and Volume Lashes.

Classic Flat Lashes used in the Cat Eye, Classic Full Set and the Hybrid Set are superior to standard lashes other used in the industry, given their dual concave (oval) edges, rather than being round. Because we care so much about preserving the integrity of your natural lashes, we utilize the most unique lashes that are designed to be light weight (more gentle on the natural lash), yet still appear dark and full. And, because of their shape, they hug the natural lash, resulting in improved retention.  In order to create the same fullness, others technicians need to apply a heavier weight lash, resulting in stress on the natural lashes and reduced retention. No heavy/weighty lashes here!  Now even those and those who have few or weaker natural lashes can now have a darker and thicker look

Volume Lashes are another fabulous addition to the industry.  Volume Lashes are a relatively new technique that was introduced to North America in 2013.

We have always been limited by the amount of natural lashes a client has as well as the different amount of lashes on each eye. For years our clients have wanted more.  As the name suggests, Volume Lashes have the ability to create much more volume to your set of lashes. Volume Lashes are more versatile than Classic Lashes when creating either a natural or glam look.  

Volume techniques allow us to apply multiple extensions to ONE isolated natural lash, using much thinner lashes than we typically use. The result? A full, lush lash line that appears fluffy and soft and maintains the health and safety of our client's natural lashes. They have a more "fluffy" and full, feathery appearance and range from 2-20 D which refers to how many lashes are attached to each natural lash.  

CAUTION: Volume Lashes should not be confused with "Cluster Lashes" found in the the beauty stores. " Cluster Lashes" are to never to be used with semi-permanent adhesive.  They are extremely heavy and can only be applied by covering several natural lashes, this can cause discomfort and damage to the natural lashes.  Also used by some professional are premade fans- these are not the same; they are heavier due to the extra glue that's used to attach the fan and do not offer the longevity true Volume Lashes offer.  If you are going to spend the money for Volume Lashes, make sure you are getting the real deal. 

So what is the difference between Classic and Volume Lashes?

What makes volume different from classic?

Classic Vs Volume lashes?  This is a very common question.  While both lash styles look amazing, they both have fairly different results.  What look your going after is key.  With classic, 1 lash extension is applied to 1 natural lash-  the full look CRUSHES what even the BEST mascara can offer.  They are the original method of application, usually taking between 1 1/2 to 2 hours to apply-anything done quicker than this is not something to be impressed by. 

On to Volume Lashes, as the name suggest, have the ability to create much more volume to your set of lashes-many more lashes are applied. Volume lashes are a newer addition and welcomed technique to the industry.  They are more versatile than classic lashes in being able to achieve either a natural or glam look, by creating fans ranging between 3-8 lashes for Volume and 8-20 for Mega Volume. Volume lashes stay fuller longer in between fills and don't need to be brushed as often.  They are at a higher price point because there is a lot more work involved in making the fans!





Experience & Lash Brand Used Matter!

Sets & Pricing

All Lash Extension Full Sets and Fills are completely CUSTOMIZED to your eye shape and desired look.

Classic Set : No more Mascara! Classic lashes extend your own natural lashes . One lash extension is applied to one natural lash. Because we care so much about preserving the integrity of your natural lashes, we utilize the most unique lashes that are designed to be light weight (more gentle on the natural lash), yet still appear darker and fuller than typical lash extensions on the market no heavy/weighty lashes here!   Each set is customized to your eyes and preferred look. Wake up beautiful!


Hybrid Set : Hybrid lashes are the half way step between a Classic Set of eyelash extensions and a Volume (Russian volume) Set. ... an enhanced mascara look, adding more Volume than Classic alone. They can also be a great way to achieve that staggered look made popular by Kim Kardashian, by using longer classic extensions interspersed with shorter volume lashes.


Volume Set : Most requested! A classic set is when only one extension is glued to each natural lash. It adds length and thickness and is great for people who already have a fair amount of lashes. Volume lashes are extremely light weight. They are a newer and more innovative technique where multiple extensions are attached to one lash to give more dimension and texture. They provide a fuller look and require more skill. Fabulous for everyone- even those with sparse natural lashes. Custom fans of multiple lashes are created and placed on to each natural lash — you can have fans anywhere from 2-6 extensions, depending on how dramatic you want to go.


Coastal Lush Volume Set:

This look is for people looking for a much fuller, darker and lush look. Fabulous for anyone who wants a dramatic look- stand out in photos, fabulous for brides. Extremely light weight, handmade “fans” contain any where from 9+ super light weight lashes and are applied to one lash.


LASH TOUCH UPS/FILLS  (2-4 weeks) Most clients come 3 weeks.

Classic Fill|$79 |at 4th week $89

Volume or Hybrid Fill|$85 |at 4th week $95

Lush Volume Fill|$99 and up

Outside Salon Touch Ups: I am available to touch up Eyelash extensions applied by another salon, when more than 25% of the lashes are intact. Consultation required. Application normally takes 75-90 mins. $Varies

PLEASE NOTE: Anything past 5 weeks or less than 25% lashes left is considered a Full Set.      

Mini Fills|$50

Lash Removal - Time varies    | $30-45

Consultations are complementary!